Cassiber with Shinoda Masami - Live In Tokyo

The first disc is the titular outfit recorded live at R's Art Court in Tokyo on October the 23rd, 1992.

The second disc is the event reworked and remixed by the full force of Ground Zero.

This has so many unpredictably poignant intercepting timelines that it beggars belief. Cassiber were an excellent German avant-garde improv/jazz/rock/skronk band and this is the first time that toured in Japan ... and they called it a day very soon after this recording and ceased operations. Here, they are joined by Masami Shinoda. Within a few months of the recording, he unexpectedly died. This also the final time that Ground Zero recorded anything before dissolving and going their separate ways. You couldn't make it up. Monumental in so many ways.

Double CD originally released on Off Note in 1997.

Live In Tokyo

Ground Zero


Certifiablockhead 4 November 2019 at 08:20  

thank you...absolute bleakbliss