Daisuck & Prostitute - 光の海の中で

I'm leaning towards the record label being one of those that "kind of unofficially" release things. D&P were done and dusted by the time this saw the light of day ( ... and there was another one they put out in the same year that I have never seen nor heard ... any help there would be marvelous). Apparently "recorded at Lock On Studio, January to November 1991" but presumably this is a venue as this is clearly live (as in, in front of a paying audience). Also Discogs (which, of course is never wrong) has this as having eight tracks, my copy has seven. As far as I'm concerned it's a live bootleg recorded who knows where or when but a very welcome addition nonetheless.

CD released in 日本晴 Records in 1994.

In The Sea Of ​​Light


Certifiablockhead 10 October 2019 at 07:06  

thank you...this´s the stuff...