Ninni Morgia Control Unit - Ninni Morgia Control Unit

"Control Unit is the work of guitarist Ninni Morgia and the wonderfully forthright chanteuse and musique manipulateuse Silvia Kastel. It’s like Catherine Deneuve dumped two cases of post-Repulsion psychiatric notes over Pere Ubu’s Dub Housing, lit the fuse and, ahem, stood well back" Julian Cope, Vinyl of The Month, Head Heritage, June 2012. Can't improve that as an introduction.

However, that would come later. This initial release has Jeff Arnal on drums and the legendary Daniel Carter on trumpet, clarinet and occasional vocals whilst Silvia is handling the mixing. It's a very enjoyable romp through constrained free-jazz psychedelics ... similar to the more ferocious Japanese exponents but with one hand still on the steering wheel.

Double LP released on Ultramarine in 2009.

Control Unit


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Thanks very much. Yet again. I've heard more recent releases but am looking forward to this one.

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