va - Risveglio Di Una Citta (In Memory Of Luigi Russolo)

Yeah yeah, I know. A noise tribute to Luigi Russolo is about as creative an idea as covering 4'33". Yawnsville. This particular compilation is notable, though, having taken the form of a 6xCDR set with an entire album by a different artist. The artists are all from different countries, too. You get Cria Cuervos from Italy, Lt. Caramel from France, Big City Orchestra from the US, Head58m from Poland, Government Alpha from Japan, and Hyware (the dormant noise alter ego of Radboud Mens) from the Netherlands. It came inside a lovely full color magazine which I did not scan, so you'll have to make do with the Discogs image above. If you like it, go buy your own copy off Discogs (I'm assuming it's long sold out at the source) and scan all those pages. Released in 2008 as a limited edition of 160 numbered copies by the Polish label Impulsy Stetoskopu.

disc 1 Cría Cuervos - The Solidity of Fog
disc 2 Lieutenant Caramel - My Six Families of Noises
disc 3 Big City Orchestra - How an Automat Works
disc 4 Head 58m - Scape
disc 5 Government Alpha - Intonarumori 2008
disc 6 Hyware - Computori


Anonymous,  16 March 2018 at 12:46  

risveglio di una città
is the italian for
the awakening of a city

Certifiablockhead 18 March 2018 at 15:51  

no end to noise beautiful...thank you...