Hedonic Serge - Somatoscopy: Mode Of Male Pleasure

Spectacular spiralling cacophony with an accompanying choir of angels heralding the apocalypse. Really quite brilliant. This is another uncredited project on a C32 released on Stiff Sanctorum in 2012. Answers on a postcard please ...



Anonymous,  10 October 2015 at 19:41  


Ian 12 October 2015 at 06:04  

I love some mystery tapes! I've heard my share of screeching feedback, and this is a fantastic take on it, truly otherworldly.

Jakob von Gunten 14 October 2015 at 16:11  

Yeah, eerie & pretty disturbing stuff.

Rubby,  15 November 2015 at 22:10  

Wow this is great, thanks for posting!

armazemdemusicas3 20 July 2022 at 04:39  

Does anyone still have this? The link is dead and I can't find it anywhere else