Coil - Coil 3

Coil are Natsuki Kido on guitar (who was also in the likes of Black Stage, Bondage Fruit, and Korekyojinn), Takeharu Hayakawa on bass (who was in the Kazutoki Umezu KIKI Band alongside Natsuki and in the great Satoko Fujii Quartet) and Eiji Tanaka on drums (who is also in Nagisa Nite).

It's Rock Jim but not as we know it ... kind of like early Allman Brothers Band but with a frenzied NoMeansNo rhythm section. I love it, you'll probably hate it, but that's par for the course on here.

Released on Maboroshi No Sekai in 2002.

Coil 3


Anonymous,  12 September 2015 at 16:18  

I never really got The Other Coil ( even though I keep trying, spasmodically), and I don't know this one either.. thanks for the opportunity to have a listen!

Anonymous,  13 September 2015 at 18:57  

i love that stuff!!!
thanks a lot!

Vanusian 20 November 2015 at 17:59  

thanks as ever - great shares esp. the john olson