Rick Passages‎ - Untitled

This is a C36 released by Rick Passages‎ on Rat Salad Buffet in 2008. Yeah, I know. Who? What? Well, there is somebody out there that makes my knowledge of American Tapes look frankly peripheral. He is Simon David-Thomas Wilson and if you are in any doubt, he even has an Amtapes boxset with his name on it in an edition of 1 !

Anyway, a conversation that began in a fairly random way led me to this! It's a tape by John Olson that was "released" in tiny quantities. Well, really, it was never released. It was given to a few friends and sent out anonymously to some noise labels. It was never officially for sale. If it hadn't been for that chance conversation (and Simon's encyclopaedic knowledge) this would have passed me by completely!

In the spirit of the gift that keeps on giving: Simon also records as The Blue Spectrum and releases on his Blue Spectrum Tapes label. The latter link offers up label releases for free download by the likes of the man himself, Knox Mitchell / Lidless Eye, Mike Ridge's Zebra Mu, Carl Kruger, Justin Marc Lloyd and Vitaly Maklakov's brilliant Light Collapse.



Certifiablockhead 27 December 2014 at 15:25  

you can feel this in your flesh -Rick scrapes every surface, lifts into air, crashes and keeps it up...

Untitled is eloquent, and christmacy...best regards...

Anonymous,  28 December 2014 at 17:20  

harsh 'n' abstract?