Die Reitenden Leichen‎ - Post Wall

This is a C20 released on Monolithische Aktion from late last year, this time in an edition of 25.

This is another of tapes that I bought at the time (see below you non-sequential people). This will sand blast your house...or, frankly anybody that you point this in the direction of...use it vindictively!

I've just spent all of April's money (and come on...give me some credit, it's not even April yet) on everything that Victimology Rec. had in stock. This includes DRL's Supreme Nudity cdr.

Supreme Nudity takes a completely different turn again. Seriously...I can't think of another wall artist who differentiates as much as Matthias does.

Since I bought the batch of goodness from Matthias, he has released a lot more. Chase these down if you like his work, they don't appear for long.

I've just spent the month's food money on tapes and cdrs. Not a sustainable position when you weigh it up. If you get any of the new DRL...bear me in mind and cheer a starving blogger up!

Post Wall