Winters In Osaka‎ - Secret Roads

3" cdr released on the mighty At War With False Noise in 2007.

Winters In Osaka‎ are a rolling collective of noise artists revolving around a Chicago/California axis. With due apologies to those I don't mention...they include (at various points) Mike Finklea (aka Striations), Andrew Lippoldt (aka Persistence In Mourning), Nick Dellacroce (who is a member of Bongripper) and Mackenzi Chami (aka Bachir Gemayel, Koufar, Insurgent and Crown Of Cerberus).

Hopefully, that has piqued your interest because they have been ripping up trees over the past year. Check out the Celestial Hieroglyphs split LP with Fossils on Cardinal Records, the collab Lp with Plastic Crimewave and the collab CD with Astro on Dismantle Records. Well, to be honest, check it all out!



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