The Heads - Inner Space Broadcasts Volume 1 Part 1

I can't think of a finer way to see out 2012 than the LP put out this year by the "oh my god, i love you so much will you have my baby" label Cardinal Fuzz. The label are real psychonaut devotees and put as much love into their packaging as they do the music. This was released in an edition of 150 and sold out immediately.

I'll leave it to the people themselves to describe this gem:

"Massive fans of the Heads...we even named the label after a Heads, for our first vinyl release, Cardinal Fuzz get to put out two wild numbers from the Heads archive...2 tracks lasting 35+ minutes of head pummelling, brain crushing siked out and krauted jams straight from The Heads rehearsal room.

Sike behemoths The Heads have now been together for 2 decades but while most bands that long into their career bring out the 5 string fretless bass, financial constraints have thankfully robbed The Heads of this. Some wondered if they ever learnt more than 2 chords but the truth is that The Heads always knew more was less was more and for those wanting to hear an unholy alliance of Neu, Hawkwind, (((Loop))) and Grandfunk Railroad look no further than the 2 tracks on Inner Space Broadcasts Volume 1 Part 1. So, strap yourself in."

Head Space