Glands Of External Secretion / Decaer Pinga‎ - Tubular Bells

Admittedly this is how I remember the transition so take this with a pinch of condiment of your choice. But. In a supremely ironic doff of the cap against the (probably self-generated) claim that Prick Decay weren't being taken seriously because of the band name, Dylan changed the name to the excellently obscure Decaer Pinga‎.

By this time, Lisa has made way for Karen Constance. Karen has also left a splendid trail of chaos behind her as an integral part of Blood Stereo, Ceylon Mange and The Polly Shang Kuan Band.

LP released on Starlight Furniture Co. in 2003.

It really is an "interpretation" of the pompous nonsense that was Oldfield's original. Rest assured. This is a different beast. The Decaer Pinga‎ side includes Dave Cross (member of the Arthur Doyle Electro-Acoustic Ensemble and Coffee) and Neil Campbell (Vibracathedral Orchestra, Astral Social Club and such and such...). You're on safe ground here...

Tubular Bells