Mason Jones - International Incident

Live recordings released on Mason's own Charnel Music in 1998 covering music from tours to Japan between 1995 and 1997.

This features contributions from Kazuyuki Kishino, Atsushi Tsuyama, Hajime Koizumi, Makoto Kawabata, Jojo Hiroshige, Seiichi Yamamoto and Akifumi Nakajima.


If you need any more convincing (and if you do...what the hell are you doing here?), there are more words here.

International Incident


badgerstump 20 February 2012 at 20:44  

This is a particular comment for Iganov! Just to let you know that I do get your comments but for some reason they don't hit the blog...but they do hit my email...

This on the 30th of January, when I was still unsure about whether I should continue, really clarified my thoughts:

"Hi, Badgerstump.

My English is sucks, sorry for it.
I live in Belarus, small European post-USSR country, and living this is not so easy. People in Belarus have 300-400 dollars in month in Minsk, our capital, and 200 dollars in other small cities. Buing lot of records in our country is nonsense. So in our music shops there are two most avantgarde albums: Ramones "The greatest hits" & Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon" and it's not a joke. People who loves art, especially strange forms of it, does much difficult work, to get some records before Internet era. And your blog is real garden of delights, every post is like a bullet. SO much rare Japanese stuff (La musica, Haino, Tatsuya), all this pretty noise from all over the world, experimental music of all genres, Reynols, Bark Haze, Ybo2, ABBA tribute, etc, etc.
Your blog and Mutant-sounds is two most important web-pages for me. Thanks for all.


I know you tried to repost the comment about 5 times...just wanted you to know that I got it. Just wanted to say thanks! And sorry...the Berlin Wall came down just to give you the ramones greatest hits and the dark side of the pompous very rich art school boys. Hardly seems worth the effort!

Glad you liked the Mason Kawabata split too!

Anonymous,  21 February 2012 at 01:37  

And more Mason Jones, no less. Thanks for your continuing posts of cool staff I've been looking for.

Bliss, indeed,


Anonymous,  21 February 2012 at 04:22  

Thank you very much!

Mason Jones 21 February 2012 at 07:04  

Hi. Some copies of this are still available at so check it out. But I don't mind the post at all either. I hope people enjoy the sounds! And see for some more, as well as numinous -- I'm keeping busy. Thanks!

Ivangov 21 February 2012 at 14:13  

Wow! i think that my speech is successfully died. I enjoy every your post, and this split is downloading now! Thanks.

luis felipe henao bustamante 22 February 2012 at 00:23  

thanks men..i really really aprecciate this contribution..this mason jones material is a"hard to find".