Silence Of Vacuum

These are two C10s and a C40 released in 2007 on Institute Of Paraphilia Studies (which is a sub-label of Freak Animal Records, a Finnish experimental/noise label operated by Mikko Aspa). IOPS is based upon the concept of sound inspired by various perversions / paraphilia / sexual behaviour. It's only aim is the study, research, worship and creation of material for personal satisfaction and for likeminded persons. The label has no commercial aims and does not have it's own website or promote its own product.

I used to have no idea who was responsible for Silence Of Vacuum until Tzomborgha helped me out. It is (of course) Mikko Aspa, who also records as Alchemy Of The 20th Century, Clinic Of Torture, Grunt, and Nicole 12 amongst others.

Silence Of Vacuum - 1

Silence Of Vacuum - 2

Silence Of Vacuum - 3


Tzomborgha 6 October 2011 at 14:40  

Behind SOV hides Mikko Aspa ;)

badgerstump 6 October 2011 at 15:45  

Ahhh...gracias Mr Delights!!!

Anonymous,  8 October 2011 at 12:09  

too much atmospheric
according to my own taste.