The Static Hymnal

Superb set of six C60 tapes containing some of the finest people around. This was a split label release from Factotum Tapes (owned and run by Matthew Reis of the outrageously good Teeth Collection...amongst other projects), Husk Records (run by Josh Lay & Morgan Rankin), and the beautifully named Hung Like A Horse?! (run by Cory Rowell from Demonologists...myshite hasn't been updated since forever but, I think, is still active).

Apart from the obvious quality on offer, and the fact that there were only one hundred copies of this released, this is also offered up as a sincerely meant doff of the cap to The Static Fanatic. 1000 posts and counting...that takes one hell of a lot of commitment. And...thanks for the Creel Pone!

This is what you should expect:

A1 - Bernard Mothstal – Vicious Mongoose And Hybrid Snake
A2 - Red Needled Sea – 100,000 Snakes For A Head
A3 - Jason Schuler – Untitled
B1 - Teeth Collection – Untitled
B2 - Altar Of Flies – Nobody Sleeps
B3 - Family Battle Snake – Macula Lutea
C1 - Envenomist – The Shroud Of Time
C2 - Ordo Lacrima Christi – Lagumen Emanuel Therefori Mechelag Laigel Yazizazael
C3 - Pillars Of Heaven – Chanting Crane Blues
D1 - Kam Kassah – Una Sull Ultra
D2 - Altars – Ewing Verloren
D3 - Sewer Goddess – Carnal Lust Gone Amok
D4 - Fat Legs – Medication For The Dead
E1 - Camisole – Oblivious To Mankind
E2 - Nataraja – Aeon Wellspring
E3 - Gnarly Sheen – Peeler Of Flesh
F1 - Josh Lay – Keeper Of Cold Stone
F2 - The Fortieth Day - Token Two
F3 - Hallowed Butchery – Jesus Christ 666
G1 - Ettrick – In The Field Of The Mouth
G2 - Riververb – Burnt Rubbers
G3 - Blue Sabbath Black Cheer – Untitled
H1 - Fermentae – Blackest Mass
H2 - One Lifeless Eye – Spectre Manifestation
H3 - Tree Creature – The Octopus He Will Not Breathe
H4 - Stemcell Research Project – Your Life Means Nothing
I1 - Wether – Lambs
I2 - Ben Allen - Go Seki
I3 - Breath Of Chaos – Untitled
J1 - Steel Hook Prostheses – Pouring Salt Over Third Degree Burns
J2 - Scard – Forever Loyal To Misery
J3 - Dzakar – Bestial Dawn
J4 - Hauntings – The Stench Of A Thousand Open Graves
K1 - Demonologists – Phoenixxx
K2 - Toxicum Aestus – Tortune In The Nothing
K3 - Scythe Death – Harvest
K4 - M.Kourie – Sunplight
K5 - Black Moss – A Brenning Av Den Kirke
L1 - Metek - Flagrare
L2 - Gnaw Their Tongues – Body Bouquet
L3 - Wilt – The Scarlet Prodigal
L4 - Ryan Unks - Daughters Of Bomb Inspectors

Part 1

Tape 2

Tape 3

Tape 4

Tape 5

Tape 6


Kry-1 10 August 2011 at 23:30  

I remember this box set two years ago. I wanted to buy it but I couldn't due to some complication. And today I found it here. Wonderful. Thanks for all. One of the greatest blogs around, keep posting.
Filip H. from the Czech Republic.