Fossils are a rarity in any music scene: staggeringly prolific artists who, by and large, fail to produce subpar music. They're not devoid of ideas, either. From the typical grating metal clangor, lurking murky subterranean drones and psychedelic spiraling voids to super fried, paint-splattered jams that sound like they were born out of junkyards and garbage cans and every sort of droning instrument ever made. Every Fossils release I own sounds distinct. There are two split releases with Sick Llama in J's earlier Llama post. Also, don't have release info for the Blue Tape, I think it's a tape that Dive in.......

2005 - Fossils - Fossils (C60) [fag tapes]
2006 - Altar Of Flies & Fossils - Split [hästen & korset]
2006 - Fossils - A Green Ha [middle james co]
2006 - Fossils - Code White [middle james co]
2006 - Fossils - Empty Can Blues (C30) [midori records]
2006 - Fossils - Fossils [fag tapes]
2006 - Fossils - Infected Tissue [maggotapes]
2007 - Fossils - All the Homicides (C30) [jk tapes]
2007 - Fossils - Dug (cass) [middle james co]
2007 - Fossils - Fly By Night (s-sided cass) [ley line magnetic tapes]
2007 - Fossils - Morbid Chicken [middle james co]
2007 - Fossils - The Dehumanization Of Art (C90) [knife in the toaster]
2007 - Fossils - Uhl [cut hands]
2007 - Fossils & Head Boggle & Sick Llama - Brain Mash Potatoes [fag tapes]
2008 - Fossils - Dagobah [knife in the toaster]
2008 - Fossils - Super Silver Fossils (C30) [middle james co]
2008 - Fossils & Sick Llama - Split (lp) [no label]
2008 - Mike Khoury and Derek Rogers & Fossils - Terror Tapes Vol. 35 [middle james co]
2008 - Sick Llama & Fossils - Split (lp) [no label]
2009 - Fossils - Deep Sea Fossils (2xC30) [middle james co]

Fossils - Blue Tape


hermitagetapes,  16 March 2010 at 16:52  

would like
"fossils vs. AC'(hermitagetapes)

J 16 March 2010 at 17:29  

Consider it done

Anonymous,  9 April 2010 at 06:15  

Some of these releases are so small in the quantity they were made in like 'A Green Ha' only 9 copies were made. Thanks for making them available to hear. It makes me want to buy the originals. Thanks.

fossils 23 September 2010 at 21:28  

yea thanks for takin the time to share these releases. actual copies of old/new stuff still available. get in touch & thanks for the support!

Bart Nameth,  15 June 2011 at 00:18  

Most of these links won't download - at least not for me!

Bart Nameth,  22 June 2011 at 20:58  

I'm all for downloading music that is out of print and keeping it alive but like "Fossils" said, many of these recordings are still available and should be sought out at the Fossils/David Payne website. Maybe David could let you know which ones to take down that are still purchasable and then you could properly re-up the others so the links actually work.

CROOPER 11 October 2011 at 03:20