Various - Case Of Telegraph Product 1

Chance Operation, Boy Ball, So-Do, Chiko Hige, Katra Turana, Pablo Picasso, Pineapple 4.9, Concretes and Kujira.

LP released on Telegraph Records in 1983.

Telegraph Product 1


Various - Case Of Telegraph Product 2

Early vinyl showcase of Telegraph Records artists: EP-4, Junk Jungle Genre, Be-2, Sukisuki Switch, Para-Phrase, Allergy, Lezz-Lezz-Mass and Auto-Mod.

LP released on (erm) Telegraph Records in 1983.

Telegraph Product 2


Various - Telegraph Works 1980-1985

Excellent survey of the early 80s Japanese post-punk climate: Non Band, Pablo Picasso, Suki Suki Switch, Katra Turana alongside some lesser known outfits such as Concretes, Bananarians, E.D.P.S. and Noizunzuri.

CD released on Wax Records in 1990.

Telegraph Works 1980-1985


Various - Welcome To Dreamland: Another Japan

A whole raft of post-punk, "new wave" and fucked up skronk funk from Fake, Saboten, Luna Park Ensemble, Akira Iijima & Seiji Murayama, Katra Turana, Sodaneva, The Honeymoons, Mizutama Shobodan (aka The Polka Dot Fire Brigade), After Dinner, Kenichi Takeda, Keiji Haino, A-Musik, Chie Mukai and Ché-SHIZU.

CD released on Celluloid in 1985.

Welcome To Dreamland


Various - Bar Noise (Full Volume Live Vol. 1)

Compilation of artists performing at the legendary Noise Bar in Osaka. Whilst one or two released other material, the majority of the material is murky "get up and do it" improvised chaos. Oh yeah, and there's twelve minutes of Katsumi Sugahara and Masahiko Ohno's Solmania project.

CD released on Japan Overseas in 1996.

Bar Noise


Various - Taste Of Wild West 1

Old school J-punk/grind/pop/metal from Garlic Boys, Rapes, S.O.B., Sekiri, Danse Macabre and The Continental Kids.

We've never seen Taste Of Wild West 2 ... changing that would be a great thing!

CD released on Wax Records in 1990.

Taste Of Wild West 1


Various - Taste Of Wild West 3

U.F.O. Or Die, Incapacitants, Omoide Hatoba, Solmania, Angel'in Heavy Syrup, Boredoms and Hijokaidan.

Compilation CD released on Wax Records in 1990.

Taste Of Wild West 3


Pengo - Toadstools Amongst The Tombstones

I posted this in December 2011 ... it was meant to presage the Pengo avalanche. It took me five years and eleven months (which isn't bad for me) but, to be honest, without the nudge from Mrs Inside it would have been a lot longer. Sorry about that. It seems fitting that this ends my Pengo adventure ...

However, I'd always assumed that Pengo stopped recording in 2008, then apparently out of nowhere ... they released Resurrection Wars (a double C24 on Los Discos Enfantasmes) in 2013. There were only 75 copies and by the time I found out, it was gone and I've never got to hear it. Then in 2016, they reared up on their hind legs again to release Bubbles In A Bomb Shelter which is available on Carbon Records.

Obviously, if anybody can fill in our blanks in the Pengo canon then we will broadcast thoughts of love in your direct direction (this also applies to Jason Finkbeiner's Dedicated To Rochester Charles release on American Tapes that has always managed to elude us).

LP released on Qbico in 2006.

Toadstools Amongst The Tombstones

As a glazed maraschino on the Pengo cake:

... here's Rob Nuuja's domestic confessional ... a CDr released on Carbon Records in 2001 ... and now feel free to visit his Bandcamp page!

Plays Sad Songs For Gurls

Oh and I meant to say: To Live And Shave In L.A. 1975 are Pengo by another name (perhaps with a bit of Tom Smith thrown in) and their CDr is available on the TLASILA bandcamp as PWYC.


Pengo - Climbs The Holy Mountain

"The performance consisted of a live musical accompaniment to the first 31 minutes of Alejandro Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain." I fine meeting of minds ... if only they had accompanied the entire film ...

Recorded live on Thursday, July the 22nd, 1999 at the Bug Jar in Rochester, New York.

CD released on Carbon Records in 2000.

Climbs The Holy Mountain


va - In Memoriam Gilles Deleuze

French philosopher Gilles Deleuze died on November 4th, 1995. This double-disc tribute was published, rather appropriately, by Mille Plateaux (a label whose name itself is a tribute to Deleuze) in 1996. It features a mix of abstract noise and more techno-adjacent music by Achim Wollschied, Ralf Wehowsky, Zoviet France, Alec Empire, Mouse on Mars, Fetisch Park, Beequeen, Du, Christophe Charles, Gas, Atom Heart, Chris & Cosey, and many more.

disc 1
disc 2


Pengo - A Nervous Splendor

Perfectly titled missive from the Pengo people ... (almost) freak folk with an unmistakable undercurrent of horror and joy ... and then they dismantle a Ugandan dictatorship. Class!

LP jointly released on Haoma Recordings, Carbon Records and Breathmint in 2002.

A Nervous Splendor


Pengo - Moving Gelatin In A Translucent World

The first track is 19 minutes of full-on live Pengo splendour. The second track "Chemical Prediction" is recorded in the studio. I really get what Caligari says about Pengo's live stuff being more psychedelic ... but abstract? Have a word with your dealer ... buy better drugs! The third track is another live recording and it's a truly joyous noise assault. Pengo? Best band in the world? Damn right!

CDr released on Audiobot in 2004.

Moving Gelatin In A Translucent World


Pengo - Counterfeit Memories

If you haven't already heard this then you really need to. You may have realised that I am quite fond of superlatives when it comes to the music I love. So which shall I use today? Hhmmmm ... let me think for a minute ... ah, got it! I'll use all of them.

Recorded in 2005 but we had to wait two years for it to be released on LP by Nashazphone in 2007.

Counterfeit Memories


Pengo - Beaten Back To Infancy

Once upon a time, this was an impulse buy when I was shopping with Greh. I hadn't heard of Pengo until then and it kick-started a new love affair.

3" CDr released on Chondritic Sound in 2005. Released in a numbered edition of 133 ... mine's number 067.

Beaten Back To Infancy


Pengo - Fragrant Wounds

You've probably already come to the conclusion that we love this ...

Double CDr released on the always excellent Chocolate Monk in 2008.




Pengo - Born Without A Face

Absolutely extraordinary live performance captured who knows where and released on Hippie Overdose in 2007.

Born Without A Face


Pengo - Damaged Casket

This starts off with an enticing little number only to be followed by a Dutch radio interview that sounds as though it was excruciating until the Pengo people rework it into a sound where acid fears to tread.

CDr released on Hippie Overdose in 2005 in an edition of 50.

Bingo. Bingo? Pengo? Pen Go? Pengo.


Pengo - Cosmology of the Broken Saints

Self-released CDR from 2006, two long tracks recorded live in Minnesota and Tennessee.

Pengo - Cosmology of the Broken Saints


Pengo - Live From Lexington

Jason Finkbeiner, John Schoen and Rob Nuuja with a guest appearance from C. Spencer Yeh of Burning Star Core etc ...

Originally released as a C40 on Gods Of Tundra, it was reissued the same year on John Schoen's Hippie Overdose.

Live From Lexington

If you're interested, here's a couple of audience recorded gigs:

Live @ Bug Jar (01-12-2002)

Live @ La Sala Rossa, Montreal, Canada (12-08-2005)


Pengo - Blood In The Vacuum Cleaner

My favorite Pengo album, expansive psychedelic blast released in 2006 as (what else?) a limited CDR from the band's own Hippie Overdose label.

Pengo - Blood In The Vacuum Cleaner