Kevin Drumm & Taku Sugimoto - Duo

A subtle collaboration that is quite typical of the label aesthetic.

CD released on Atsushi Sasaki's Meme label in 1998.



Kevin Drumm • Taku Sugimoto - Folie Á Deux

Here, the two separate and communicate directly through their own improvised work. The more you listen, the more it rewards.

CD released on BOXmedia in 1998

Folie Á Deux


NRA - Untitled

Debut album of improvised ruckus by Tatsuya Nakatani, Vic Rawlings and Ricardo Arias. Released as a CD in 2004 by Nakatani's H & H Productions label. I wonder if the label name is a reference to this amazing thing?

NRA - Untitled


Taku Sugimoto - Kevin Drumm - Den

Taku Sugimoto on guitar with Kevin Drumm adding a bit of guitar and a lot of electronics. A genuinely refreshing release that makes the bad stuff go away for a while.

CD released on Sonaris in 2000.



Stillupstepya - Stories Part Five

Stillupstepya's most confident album, 2001's "Stories Part Five" might also be the best album to come out on Ritornell. Ice cold laptop drone menace, interrupted by rude digital slashing so that you can't get too comfortable. The band's self-effacing sense of humor is made plain by the fabulous cover pic of the band posing like alien royalty in elaborate capes, cowls, shiny shorts and sunglasses.

Stillupstepya - Stories Part Five


EXIAS-J Electric Conception - Balance Of Chaos (2003.10.30-11.6 Live In New York)

From cryptic subdued improvisations through interludes of explosive noise rock and back again.

CD released on P.S.F. Records in 2004.

Balance Of Chaos


Stillupstepya - Interferences Are Often Requested - Reverse Tendency As Parts Become Nearly Nothing

For their 1999 album on techno-fetish label Ritornell, unpredictable Icelandic trio Stillupstepya present several tracks of confusingly mangled digital hum that are more irritating than ambient. Some sections sound almost exactly like my refrigerator. My husband hates it. I like it, but not as much as the excellent Stillupstepya album I'm going to post next...

Stillupstepya - Interferences Are Often Requested - Reverse Tendency As Parts Become Nearly Nothing


EXIAS-J Electric Conception - Avant-Garde (2002.11.17 Live At Aire-gin, Yokohama)

I'm not sure but maybe Electric Conception is the touring arm of EXIAS-J ... discogs has the membership wrong, this is the full EXIAS-J line-up and yes Nishizawa Naoto is back behind the kit.

CD released on P.S.F. Records in 2003.



va - Maschinelle Stratageme

Sort of a statement of purpose from techno label Mille Plateaux's abstract/experimental offshoot, Ritornell. Released in 2000 at the height of the inexplicable popularity of post-techno computer music, it features several established artists and a few whose entire existence began and ended with the "glitch" bubble. Music by Achim Wollschied (aka SBOTHI), Dean Roberts, Akira Rabeleis, Taylor Deupree, Sony Mao, Terre Thaemlitz, Oyvind Idso, Stillupstepya, Autopoesis, Kim Cascone (of course), Full Swing (aka Stephen Mathieu), Thomas Meinecke's Framus Waikiki (who?), Christoph Charles, and an improvisation by the group of Keith Rowe, Oren Ambarchi, Fennesz, Pimmon, and Peter Rehberg (aka Pita).

va - Maschinelle Stratageme


Sabu Toyozumi / EXIAS-J - Son's Scapegoat

When you are more formally known as the Experimental Improvisers' Association of Japan, I reckon EXIAS-J is less of a mouthful. Kanda Shin-Ichiro on piano, Kawasaki Jun on contrabass, Kondo Hideaki and Tanikawa Takuo on guitars and Tetsuya Miyazaki on electronics. Usually, Nishizawa Naoto handles the drums but, on this occasion, Sabu has nicked his seat.

CD released on Siwa in 2005.

Son's Scapegoat


Shirt Trax - Good News About Space

Bloodless and (purposefully?) unsatisfying digital yuck from Mark Fell, released by OR (a sublabel of Touch) in 1999 at a time. Skittery laptop nonsense that ought to appeal to fans of similarly anti-human artists like Farmers Manual, Hecker, Evol or Beautyon.

Shirt Trax - Good News About Space


Abe-Toyozumi Duo - Overhang-Party (A Memorial To Kaoru Abe)

A series of recordings that were originally released as a double LP on ALM-Uranoia in 1979. Kaoru Abe offers up various improvised performances utilising alto clarinet, guitar, harmonica, piano, marimba and alto saxophone in a variety of improvisations. Sabu stays in his impressive seat and simply does his thing!

Double CD reissue on ALM Records in 1995.

Overhang-Party (A Memorial To Kaoru Abe)


Kaoru Abe - Solo Live At Gaya

I appreciate that if you don't get free-form jazz/sax then you are having a bad week on here. Ah well!

If you do, then you will already know that Kaoru Abe was the epitome. Between 1990 and 1991, DIW released 10 volumes of his Solo Live At Gaya sets. In 1995, they brought them all together as an 11 disc box set with the true bonus of "Kaoru Abe and Yoshisaburo Toyozumi - Duo Live At Gaya" that features two sessions recorded in 1977 and 1978 respectively.

It's all in 16bit flac and weighs in at around 2.7GB. Deocliciano, I hope you've finally got around to buying a new external drive!













Toyozumi Unit - The Masterpiece

Kazutoki Umezu on bass clarinet and alto sax, Hiroaki Katayama on tenor and baritone sax, Haruki Sato on the old trombone with Sabu in his usual seat.

Simply gorgeous!

16bit flac rip of the (apparently) never reissued LP released on ALM-Uranoia in 1981.

The Masterpiece


Sabu Toyozumi - Kosai Yujyo

This is a collaborative process featuring a host of (almost exclusively) European artists which gives this a distinctly different feel to the previous Sabu projects that I've posted. There are sections that bring 200 Motels into my mind's eye ... I consider that a good thing.

Double CD released on Improvising Beings and INaudible in 2012.

Kosai Yujyo


Der Mußikant - Distanz

A 2005 CD that compiles songs originally released in 1980, 1981 and 1982. They were taken from the "Schöne Musik Für Schöne Menschen Aus Einer Schönen Welt", "Huch" and "Unerhört" cassettes by Der Lustige Musikant, "Kleine Seele Springst Im Tanze..." tape by Der Ewige Musikant, the "Veitstanz" 7" by Der Künftige Musikant, plus one song taken from a compilation LP. Of course, all of those "bands" are just Rolf Schobert under various pseudonyms, and they all sound pretty similar too: stark, austere yet jaunty synth-pop with a typically German silliness. Recommended for fans of the Tape Attack blog, or anyone interested in the sub-sub-underground of DIY bare-bones synth bands that sprang up in the wake of DAF, Suicide, and The Human League.

Der Mußikant - Distanz


Kaoru Abe & Sabu Toyozumi - Overhang Party / Senzei

There is little that needs to be said apart from that this contains previously unreleased material recorded live at Gaya in Tokyo in 1978. Much much more Live At Gaya coming soon ...

Double LP released on Qbico in 2004.

Overhang Party / Senzei


Yoshisaburoh Toyozumi - Sabu - Message To Chicago

When Sabu says that this is a message to Chicago, he really means it. It's a message of love and respect. It's a message to Roscoe Mitchell and Malachi Favors straight from the heart.

Naturally, Sabu is behind the kit and there's Ukaji Shoji wrestling with a baritone sax and Ryo Hara on piano (both of them were members of New Jazz Syndicate).

Originally an LP released in 1974, it took another 19 years before anybody thought that people who weren't there at the time might love this.

CD released on PJL in 2003.

Sabu - Message To Chicago


Sabu Brötzmann Duo - Live In Japan 1982

Obviously this is Sabu and Peter Brötzmann in full on drum and sax collapse construction. If that's not enough then I am wasting my time.

CD released on Improvised Company in an edition of 750 in 1999.

Discogs has this as an edition of 350. It's self evidently not. Even though 750 is a small edition, maybe the misreporting goes some way to explaining why it's on sale there for £212.85. I'm in a grouchy mood ... but just saying.

Live In Japan 1982


Bailey, Sabu, Brötzmann - Live In Okayama

Derek Bailey, Peter Brötzmann and Sabu Toyozumi. Peter and Sabu on the first, Derek flying solo on the second. All setting up the finale where all three wreck the joint. Free form jazz collapse at your pleasure!

CD released in Japan on Improvised Company in 2000 in an edition of 550.

Live In Okayama