Voice Crack - Ballchannel

Here's a 7" single from 2000 by the mighty Voice Crack, the "cracked everyday-electronics" duo of Swiss artists Andy Guhl and Norbert Moslang. Before 2000, Voice Crack's primary collaborators were drummer Knut Remond (whose thunderous bass rumble caused all sorts of subsonic upset on their classic "Ear Flash" LP) and New York's snuff jazz titans Borbetomagus. This began to change after the turn of the millennium, with more and more like-minded weirdos sitting in with one or both Crackheads. Otomo Yoshihide, Erik M, Gunter Mueller, Taku Sugimoto, Carlos Zingaro, Oren Ambarchi, Lionel Marchetti and others would follow our heroes around the festival circuit, bleeping tastefully along to their fried circuit howl. Eventually, the band was pulled into more directions than was advisable and they broke up. That makes "Ballchannel" an important historical document, since it's one of the last recordings Voice Crack would make in its most potent form as an unadulterated duo.

This record was put out by Meeuw Muzak, a label specializing in 7" singles on high-quality colored vinyl. The sleeves are all designed by Dutch artist (and label curator) Jos Moers, whose impeccable work is always as attractive and singular as the music itself.

Voice Crack - Ballchannel


Anonymous,  28 September 2015 at 12:24  

great stuff... any way you can post the Table Chair and Hatstand release with O'Rourke and Muller?

badgerstump 28 September 2015 at 16:17  

sure. i have some of the duo stuff to post but i'm sure it will appear soon enough...