74 Hours ... and counting?

In November last year, we had the crazy idea of trying to bring together as many of the "One Hour As..." broadcasts from Ben Green's revered Resonance 104.4 FM. To be honest, we thought that we might be able to gather a few together. However, we were astonished by the response from you people who sent us things that we never thought that we would be able to unearth. Thanks as always!

Here are another 13 pieces for your delectation. These will be added to the main post here and just in case you missed the link in the comments, J.Frede uploaded his "One Hour As A Barren Landscape" (originally broadcast on Friday, 6 June 2003) to his Soundcloud page so you can listen to that one as well!

We have unearthed a lot more information on what was broadcast as part of the series and will update our want list. If you are sitting on any of our "missing in action" sessions or have any that we still know nothing about, please let us know!

Afflux [La Casa, Guionnet, Cordier] - One Hour As Bordeaux, TNT

Charlotte Anderson - One Hour As From Glasgow To Arisaig By Train

Jason Kahn - One Hour As Snow

Johannes S. Sistermanns - One Hour As ETC Random XIX Mikado

Kiyoshi Mizutani - 58 Minutes As Voice Of Jike

Marcus Kuerten - One Hour As A Piece For Green

Mark Trayle - One Hour As 13 Views Of Santa Ana

Mike Shannon, Jeph Jerman, Luca Miti - 90 Minutes As Spring-Summer 2002

Tabula Viae - One Hour As Sertion

The Anti-Naturals - One Hour As Six More Arguments In Our Favor

The Pierre Boulez Project - 72 Minutes As Boulez Is Burning

Tom Marioni - One Hour As 1969 - 2004

Tzesne - One Hour As One Side And Other Of The Door


Anonymous,  11 April 2014 at 16:56  

GREAT!!!!!!!!! Ultra mega thanx for this post!!! Especially Tom Marioni!!!!!!!!! Salute from Czech

Anonymous,  15 April 2014 at 11:55  

hi budge,
as you can imagine
abstract stuff ain't my stuff
but i really appeciated
the works of
Marcus Kuerten
Mark Trayle
and the anti-naturals